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Mann Packing construction moving along

GONZALES — Construction on the new Mann Packing processing plant is coming along, with the framing and concrete foundation making progress.

The project will be 130,000 square feet with areas for a raw-product warehouse to be located. The new processing facility is estimated to take over 65 percent of the company’s manufacturing volume relocating to Gonzales from Salinas.

“The project is ongoing with the goal to phase in the production process over a three-month period, starting in June,” said Jacob S. Shafer, the media representative at Mann Packing Company Inc.

The project includes multiple local sub-contractors who are working on the site. According to Shafer, the project is on track to be completed later this year.

Mann Packing will hire some new employees for the processing plant, but most of the staff will be coming from the Salinas plant.


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