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Green Valley Farm Supply Store to expand

GONZALES — City Manager Rene Mendez presented an Economic Development Incentive Inductive Program regarding Green Valley Farm Supply Store’s expansion project to the City Council on Jan. 16.

“Several years ago the Council did put together an incentive program that had a lot of pieces to it,” said Mendez.

The Incentive Program addressed plan and review, planning and building, Interagency coordination, financing of developmental impact fee program, and more. The Incentive Program also spoke about small business loans.

“This program has resulted in a lot of tangible benefits to businesses in the industrial area and throughout the community,” said Mendez.

According to Mendez, one of the businesses that have benefitted from the small business loans is the Pacheco Water Company. Luigi’s Restaurant went through Monterey County and was able to use its small business loan program.

“This request is specifically to provide a credit for their current expansion in order for them to make some landscaping requirements,” said Mendez. “I’m requesting that $33,000 be credited back to the project using our construction fund.”

Mendez says Green Valley Farm Supply is one of the more successful businesses in the Industrial Park and thinks the investment will be paid back in future property tax assistance.

The small business loan to Green Valley Farm Supply is a one-time loan.


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