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Gonzales City Council to host cannabis workshop

GONZALES — Gonzales City Council is in the process of scheduling a workshop on medical marijuana, cannabis, and all the matters that go with it.

“This came to us under the notion of trying to review all of the materials and regulations that the city currently has under effect,” said Special Projects Director Mark Hartunian.

The City was approached by Salinas Valley Municipal Solutions’ Casey Maconachy in December to increase the number of cultivation and manufacturing medical marijuana permits. According to Hartunian, City Manager Rene Mendez told the council at the previous Jan. 2 meeting that there was the potential of a workshop.

“The workshop comes in the form of trying to evaluate and present the rules and regulations as they’ve been adopted by the City of Gonzales,” said Hartunian. “Obviously we have a tax ordinance, which is the municipal marijuana dispensaries.”

The workshop would also talk about what rules and regulations the state has adopted.

“We thought it would be a good idea to have the workshop, put a presentation together and bring this information to the council,” said. “It would give the council the ability to understand the change in atmospheres pertaining to commercial cannabis.”

The Commercial Cannabis Workshop is aiming to be during the second part of February and might be a joint meeting with the planning commission.


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