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Cross Country | Runners gather for Earlybird Invitational

Photo by Michael Ramirez
Greenfield’s Rigo Garcia placed eighth at Saturday’s Earlybird Invitational Cross Country Meet at Toro Park. Garcia ran in the senior boys division.

SOUTH COUNTY — The competition was tough for local high school cross country runners at the 23rd Annual North Monterey County Earlybird Invitational Cross Country Meet at Toro Park on Saturday.

Bay area teams dominated the competition, as Bellermine won two of the eight divisions and St. Francis won three of the eight divisions.

The Bells of Bellermine won the freshman boys and sophomore boys divisions and St. Francis won the junior boys, senior boys, and sophomore girls divisions. Whitney High School won the freshman girls division and Hollister won the senior girls division.

Greenfield placed 31st in the freshman boys division, 12th in the sophomore boys division, and 10th in the junior boys division. King City placed seventh in the sophomore boys division, 10th in the junior boys division, and 10th in the senior boys division.

Gonzales placed 28th in the sophomore boys division, and eighth in the senior boys division. Soledad placed 11th in the sophomore girls division.

Mario Avila of King City won a medal for placing eighth in the sophomore boys race and Esteban Deniz won a medal for placing ninth in the sophomore boys division. Greenfield’s Rigo Garcia earned an eighth place medal in the senior boys race and Mauricio Arias place 13th for a medal in the senior boys race.

Today at Natividad Creek Park in Salinas, King City and Greenfield will compete in the Mission Division of the Pacific Coast Athletic League Center Meet. Tomorrow, Soledad will compete in the Gabilan Division and Gonzales will run in the Cypress Division at Toro Regional Park. The meets will start at 3:30 p.m.



Freshman boys: 23rd 18:40 Arturo Castro (Gon); 45th 19:24 Jean Luc Martel (Sol); 72nd 19:58 Marco Barrera (Sol);  107th 20:40 Luke Black (KC); 186th 22:00 Jose Cervantes (Gon); 188th 22:01 Angel Avila (GF); 193rd 22:08 Antonio Garcia (GF);  220th 22:52 Israel Victoria, 235th 23:32 Greg Lucio (Gon); 254th 24:41 Ricardo Ruiz (GF); 256th 24:46 Angel Velasquez (GF); 275th 26:08 Aidan Cervantes (Gon); 279th 26:17 Ever Martinez (GF).

Freshman Girls: 44th 23:10 Wendy Macias (KC); 71st 24:49 Gyzelle McFarland (Gon); 78th 25:12 Maria Garcia (GF); 102nd 26:21 Leonor Villa (GF); 129th 29:07 Yadira Espinoza (KC); 140th 31:21 Yared Espinoza (KC); 150th 35:47 Jessica Lopez; 35:47 (GF), 151st 35:49 Elizabeth DeJesus (GF),

Sophomore Boys: 8th 16:48 Mario Avila (KC); 27th 17:34 Carlos Espinoza (Sol); 28th 17:35 Luis Martinez (GF);  38th 17:48 Jose Luis DeJesus (GF);  39th 17:49 Josh Riley (KG); 72nd 18:38 Kleverson Pena (GF); 86th 18:54 Oscar Delgado (KC); 112th 19:26 Gregory Carrillo (Sol); 116th 19:29 Angel Monroy (KC); 140th 19:59 Anthony Perez (KC); 168th 20:27 Christopher Guzman (GF); 180th 20:47 Fidel Lopez (Gon); 202nd 21:21 Juan Picazo (GF); 209th 21:31 Jose Zamora (Sol);  217th 21:41 Isaias Garcia (GF);  222nd 21:53 Michael Coronel (KC); 224th 21:57 Samuel Correa (GF); 260th 22:53 Eduardo Ochoa (KC); 271st 23:27 Demetrius Humphries (Gon); 272nd 23:27 Ignacio Valdez (Gon); 282nd 23:50 Chase Castillo (Gon); 289th 24:13 Isai Herrera (KG); 291st 24:40  Alejandro DeJesus (GF); 302nd 25:11 Christian Hernandez(Sol); 306th 25:53 Ivan Espinoza (Sol); 315th 27:57 Jaime Salas(Gon). Sophomore Girls: 27th 21:36 Ashley Ochoa (Gon); 58th 24:06 Marcela Perez (Sol);  82nd 25:41 Paula Montiel (Sol);  91st 26:04 Jasmin Aguilar (Sol); 95th 26:17 Michelle Loa (KC); 96th 26:18 Cecilia Murillo; 109th 26:52 Emily Santillan (KC); 123rd 27:48 Dayana Rivera (KC);  130th 28:23 Karina Aguilar (Sol); 153rd 33:19 Jessica Ornelas (Sol).

Junior Boys: 9th 16:43 Esteban Deniz (KC); 57th 18:09 Peter Avila (KC); 68th 18:32 Ricardo Ortiz (GF); 71st 18:39 Julio Martinez (KC); 88th 18:58 Andrew Funk (Gon); 117th 19:24 Gabriel Martinez (GF);  119th 19:45 Damian Smith (GF), 120th 19:46 David Black (KC), 145th 20:19 Francisco Vega (KC); 171st 21:07 Dominic Conricode (KC); 173rd 21:09 Christian Hernandez (GF); 182nd 21:32 Angelito DeJesus (GF); 186th 21:38 Marcos Trujillo (GF); 189th 21:41 Felipe Cruz (KC); 198th 21:59 Andres Cervantes (KC); 209th 22:15 David Alvarez (GF); 210th 22:16 Roldan Cruz (GF); 211th 22:19 Jose Santos (KC); 212th 22:20 Andres Dominguez (GF); 218th 22:33 Adrian Martinez (GF); 233rd 23:03 Jerome Russell (Gon); 240th 23:29 Sebastian Raya (GF);  262nd 24:39 Angel Bautista (Gon).

Junior Girls: 34th 22:55 Jocelyn Garcia (KC); 39th. 23:23 Estefania Montel (Sol); 43rd 23:36 Daisy Huerta (KC); 49th 24:04 Bernarda DeJesus (GF); 74th 25:35 Maleny Lopez (KC); 88th 26:57 Raquel Barrera (Sol); 111th 28:42 Maria Lopez (Gon); 116th 30:06 Jackie Mendoza (KC); 123rd 31:53 Leslie Hernandez (Gon); 127th 33:16 Veronica Rodriguez (Gon).

Senior Boys: 8th 16:25 Rigo Garcia (GF); 13th 16:40 Mauricio Arias (GF); 22nd 17:02 Fausto Medina (KC); 26th 17:05 Miguel Mendoza (Gon); 60th 17:58 Daniel Correa (KC); 88th 18:40 Armando Aboites (Gon); 104th 19:25 Scott Funk (Gon); 114th 19:56 Christian Patino (Gon); 122nd 20:00 Gonzalo Villagomez (Gon); 125th 20:10 Pablo Mendoza (Gon); 132nd 20:22 Ethan Martinez (KC; 139th 20:37 Samuel Rivera (KC); 140th 20:37 (KC); 140th 20:29 Federico Flores (KC); 161st 21:40 Jonathan Ganaden (Gon); 181st 22:54 Kenny Martinez (GF); 210th 26:00 Abraham Dominguez Perez (GF); 218th 29:44 Edward Bachtel (Sol).

Senior Girls: 36th 22:12 Daisy Virgin (Sol); 52nd 23:44 Erika Martinez (GF); 53rd 23:47 Monica Reyes (GF); 60th 24:37 Daniela Bedolla (KC); 76th 26:01 Jackie Perez -Alvarez (GF); 78th 26:22 Monique Contreras (Sol); 96th 27:52 Ali Mendez (KC).


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