Water emergency declared over

GONZALES — The water emergency that was placed on water wells in Gonzales was lifted on May 7 by a vote of the City Council.

"Well #5 has been fixed, is back online and working well," said Public Works Director Harold Wolgamott.

Wolgamott said the emergency that was called because there were not enough wells to maintain the water system is over. The speed bump previously on Fanoe Road has been removed.

"Thank you Harold for your prompt attention to this," said Mayor Maria Orozco. "The residents of that neighborhood certainly do appreciate it."

Well #5 was removed from service in November when Coliform was found in the water system. The well is regularly tested for safety and four tests showed levels of coliform above the drinking water standard under the California Safe Drinking Safe Water Act in August.

The city had made previous attempts to solve the problem with chlorinating the well but after two attempts the well came back with negative results. May marks the first time the well has been used since Sept. 11.

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