Students create device to view solar eclipse

GONZALES — Fairview Middle School eighth-graders created pinhole cameras in science class to view the solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

A group of about 11 students in Science Department Chair William Sterling’s fourth period class worked on constructing a way to view the solar eclipse Monday morning. Sterling chose the pinhole camera method, and students worked on their projects during class.

“This project is fun for kids to do at home with just a couple of useful things around your house to see the eclipse,” said Emmanuel Nava, an eighth-grade student.

To make the pinhole cameras, students used cardboard boxes and cookie boxes. They put two pieces of paper at the bottom of the box and taped them down, then cut two square or rectangle shapes at the corner of the boxes and taped the middle section together.

Over one of the two empty squares, students attached aluminum pieces and put the finished product up to their eye and faced away from the solar eclipse.

“A total solar eclipse only comes every few hundred years, and then an annual eclipse is annual,” student Jocelyn Garcia said. “If you stare into the eclipse, it messes with your vision.”

Due to the weather conditions being overcast and Fairview staff wanting to protect their students, all the blinds and doors were closed during the solar eclipse so the students were not able to view it.


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