New skate park equipment coming to recreation center

GONZALES — New skate park equipment has been approved for purchase and installation from the American Ramp Company for the Toots Vosti Memorial Recreation Center Park.

“The new equipment fits into the path currently there, it doesn’t expand the size of the skate park,” said Recreation Coordinator Sara Papineau-Brandt. “It calls for city staff to remove the existing equipment that is there.”

Papineau-Brandt says that the new park equipment is one piece of solid metal that will not lose bolts over time. The skate park is at the Toots Vosti Memorial Recreation Center, 107 Centennial Drive.

“This company has a 20-year warranty on their skate park manufacturer,” said Papineau-Brandt. “They did offer us a deal if we got it in before the end of the year, free shipping.”

The equipment comes with instructions on how the park equipment should function together.

A skater at the park could skate continuously without stopping, which changes the current layout that ends in a fence.

“The new wave of skate parks is to mimic all the things they can’t do in the downtown,” said Papineau-Brandt. “Like the bench or a rail, staircase. All those places where we don’t want them in our downtown, it mimics that sort of environment in a skate park environment.”

According to Papineau-Brandt, the City of Gonzales planned to order the equipment before the end of 2017 and the installation would be end of February or beginning of March.

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