Much ado about parking

Traffic issues cause concern for River Road businesses

GONZALES — Several Gonzales residents expressed concerns about the parking and traffic situation on Gonzales River Road at the first Gonzales City Council meeting of the year on Jan. 2.

“We’ve been dealing with traffic and parking out on Gonzales River Road the last two weeks,” said Michael Vosti, part owner of Gonzales Machine and Forge. “It’s gotten much worse, with the parking area behind our business right across from Taylor Farms closing down.”

Vosti said the cars are packed in and all over the place on Gonzales River Road and food trucks are parking in the area illegally.

“My worry is actually the cars parked on the south side of River Road,” he said. “There are no crosswalks, no speeding signs out there anymore. They’re flying through the intersection.”

Business owner Michelle Maconachy also spoke during the meeting about the issues happening on Gonzales River Road.

“It’s not just the traffic, it’s the speed limit,” Maconachy said. “People go across those railroad tracks and they’re going 80 miles per hour or more every single day.”

Maconachy asked for a police patrol to come by and at least slow down the traffic and the “speed racers” on Gonzales River Road.

“There are probably some situations that are unsafe,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Liz Silva. “I know that (Police) Chief Wise will handle those with his squad.”


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