Monterey County school superintendent to retire

Newman Guss announces candidacy

MONTEREY COUNTY — Earlier this month Monterey County Superintendent of Schools Nancy Kotowski announced her retirement effective January 2019, which was followed by Deputy Superintendent Deneen Newman Guss declaring her candidacy for the position.

“Monterey County students deserve a high quality education that prepares them for the rigors of college and career upon graduating from our schools,” Newman Guss said in a news release. “It takes an entire community partnering together to ensure all students receive a high quality education and it would be my honor to serve as a leader than can create innovative learning opportunities that challenge all students to reach their college and career goals.”


Newman Guss was a classroom teacher for 10 years and served for two years as a teacher in bilingual program in South Central Los Angeles. Her career spans 30 years serving in administrative posts, such as assistant principal, principal, director of curriculum and instruction, associate superintendent of education services and district superintendent of the Soledad Unified School District from 2010 to 2013.

Kotowski was elected to serve as county superintendent of schools in 2006 and continued to serve for 12 years. Before becoming county superintendent, Kotowski led the Monterey County Office of Education’s Educational Services Division for 14 years.

“Our children and youth are our most precious resource and hope for the future,” said Kotowski. “At the completion of my third term, it will be 12 years serving in this important office; time for me to have given my very best and time for the people to elect the next County Superintendent of Schools who will continue to bring the level of leadership that is needed to prepare our students for success.”


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