Gonzales, ZeroCity become partners

Team up for alternative energy projects

GONZALES — Alternative energy sources may be on the way for the City of Gonzales as the city council approved an agreement with ZeroCity LLC for development of renewable power production in Gonzales.

ZeroCity LLC works with municipalities, school districts and universities to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions using community-scale renewable energy projects. According to its website, the objective of the company is to position their clients to reap sizable benefits that accrue from hosting community-scale projects that reduce utility bills for both government operations and private rate payers.

"New businesses are coming to town and they need alternative energy," said Public Services Director Harold Walgamott. "This is the prospect of developing alternative energy for the city's overall need."

According to Walgamott, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) does not have the facilities to immediately provide the energy needed. The contract will not be executed unless it is profitable for the city.

The contract between the City of Gonzales and ZeroCity LLC was not complete as of Oct. 16, with the authorities for both organizations working through paragraphs of the contract.

"Part of the issue is can we leverage the City's assets to be able to provide some of that energy," said City Manager Rene Mendez.  "And, we need somebody to look at it and give us ideas on what to do with the financials around it, performance and the economics behind projects."

According to Mendez, this agreement with ZeroCity LLC is another way of maximizing the city's assets and finding another revenue source for the City. Any projects that come about from the partnership would be brought back to the city council for approval.

The motion to approve the contract was unanimously supported by the entire Gonzales City Council.

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