Gonzales Police survey results to be made available

Community response mostly positive

GONZALES — The results from the Gonzales Police Survey are about to be available to the public and city to see.

The Police Survey arose from a grant opportunity the four cities were given to get feedback on how the community was interacting with the police department, areas the police department was excelling at and the areas where work is needed.

According to Special Projects Director Mark Hartunian, the cost of distributing the survey to the community was $2,500 and the survey was mailed with the utility bill.

“We sent it out to every resident address within our community,” Hartunian said.

The diagnostic information was given to the Monterey County Health Department and is anticipated to be accessible on social media soon.

“‘Do Gonzales police officers solve problems that are really important to you?’ was one of the questions with well over 75 percent of the community having responded positively,” Hartunian said.

Another question on the survey regarding the community’s willingness to contact the police department when crimes are occurring in their neighborhood had 92 percent respond favorably.

“They did highlight that they would like to see us continue to enhance community police events where the police department engages the community in social activities,” Hartunian said.

“The residents also applauded the attitude of the police officers and pointed out they wanted to see that continue,” Hartunian added.

Resident Juan Rodriguez only received his survey one day prior to its due date and said the same thing happened the year before. Rodriguez traveled to the police department and was still able to turn in his survey but suggested the survey be included in the water bill as opposed to the utility bill.

“Physically I think they’re doing a good job,” said Juan Martinez, another resident. “They’re out there, they’ve crossed by my house a lot. I have flagged over a few police officers intentionally and I’ve introduced myself because I want them to know who I am.”


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