Council approves new speed limits

GONZALES — Gonzales City Council has made a decision on speed limits throughout the city, with 25 mph as the baseline.

The topic of speed limits first came up at the Aug. 20 council meeting. The City had hired an engineer to survey traffic and put together a report on the survey results. The engineer brought those results to the police chief and the City who presented the options to the council.

At that time City Manager Rene Mendez recommended the speed limit on Alta Street, from 10th to C streets, be lowered from 30 to 25 mph. This caused one resident to come to the Sept. 4 meeting and ask that the speed limit be kept where it was.

The council agreed with the city manager and began the process for approving the new ordinance on Oct. 1.

The other speed limits that were under consideration was Fanoe Road and Harold Parkway, which would be lowered to 25 mph as well.

“From the C Street to the city well in front of the apartments is going to be 25 mph,” said Public Works Director Harold Wolgamott. “From the City well out to the cemetery is 45 mph.”

Gonzales River Road into the city will stay at 35 mph. Rincon Road will be 15 mph because of the road’s narrowness and will be joined by Del Monte and Cielo Vista at 15 mph. In front of the schools — La Gloria Elementary, Fairview Middle and Gonzales High — the speed will also remain at 15 mph.

The speed limit changes will begin 30 days from adoption, Oct. 1, which would make the changes valid Oct. 31.

The new ordinance was motioned by Mayor Pro-Tem Liz Silva and supported unanimously by the city council members.


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