City of Gonzales, Mann Packing team up for second wind turbine

GONZALES — A second wind turbine will soon join the Taylor Farms wind turbine in Gonzales. The City Council approved a wind turbine site lease agreement between the City and Mann Packing Company Inc. on Nov. 20.

"Mann Packing signed a power of purchase agreement with Foundation Wind Power, who will actually construct the wind turbine on the city's property," said Deputy City Manager/Community Development Director Thomas Truszkowski.

The lease for the wind turbine is 25 years, which is the expected lifespan of the wind turbine, according to Truszkowski. The lease rate is $1 per year.

"Staff believes the lease rate is justifiable under the fact that the wind turbine uses an alternative source of energy that advances the principles of our G3 Gonzales Grows Green initiative," said Truszkowski. "It also provides a sustainable power source consistent with the City Council's Climate Action Plan."

Truszkowski said the wind turbine alone counts for 83 percent of the city's greenhouse gas reduction in the commercial and industrial sector, which is on top of what the Taylor Farms wind turbine provides.

"We've well exceeded our goal for 2020," said Truszkowski.

A Climate Action Plan report is said to be part of the city council's agenda when they come back from winter break in the new year.

Mann Packing Company's Attorney still needs to complete a review of the agreement.

The new wind turbine will be approximately 500 feet west from the Taylor Farms wind turbine.

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