City considers rebranding

GONZALES — City of Gonzales is considering consolidating and updating how the city is branded.

According to Spencer Critchley from the Boots Road Group, a branding is about that instantaneous recognition of something that you can trust.

“The roots of branding start with establishing trust in consumer product, like a can of soup, or an organization, like a football team or in fact a city,” Critchley said.

The brand needs to represent core promises that the city wants to convey or a set of emotions and values, Critchley said. The city needs to be committed to providing quality goods and services and performing well.

“I have a great admiration for the city, council, the staff here,” said Casey Maconachy, a local business owner. “I see the city here evolve. Changes are coming, industries are moving in, the community is growing and I see the schools are going to profit from this.”

Maconachy said that he thought the business community would support the city in its decision to rebrand itself.

City Manager Rene Mendez says the goal here is to get community input, business input and develop an idea that will take the city through the next seven years.

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