City approves continuation of Road to Success program

Youth diversion program is a priority for South County

GONZALES — The City of Gonzales is planning to continue the youth diversion program Road to Success for one more year.

The City Council met June 18 and approved the continuation of the program that will see contributions from each of the South Monterey County cities.

According to Special Projects Director Mark Hartunian, the staff for the city and the other partner cities determined that the sustainability of the at-risk youth diversion program is an absolute priority for the communities of South County.

“It’s an extremely successful program,” said Hartunian. “They met all of their goals and objectives.”

Hartunian said all the four cities agreed to participate in a collaborative effort providing Sun Street Centers with resources to help sustain the program for one year.

The program will have some enhancements during the upcoming year that will run from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019.

Each South County city will be contributing $40,000 to help the Road to Success program and continue the Sun Street Centers consulting services.

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